A Purpose Ridden Review

A PURPOSE RIDDEN BY RYAN CORREY Rocky Mountain Books, 479pp. 2016   A Purpose Ridden is the inspirational story of an ambitious cyclist in search for purpose in his ride through life.  This book kept me enthralled as I found myself night after night up until midnight, jumping from one fascinating chapter to the next. Ryan […]

A Swim in the Bay

Swimming in open water is a huge benefit when training for a triathlon. Unfortunately in Southern Alberta swim-able water is hard to come by, so frequent trips out to British Columbia are a welcome change to training. Here is a movie of my last outing in Kootenay Lake in Kaslo, BC.

5 Ways to Reach Your Fitness Goals This Year

Another year has passed and millions of Canadians are making New Year’s resolutions. One of the most common resolutions made at the beginning of the year is to lose weight, live a healthier lifestyle and exercise more. Unfortunately only 8% of individuals are successful in keeping their New Year’s resolutions.1 Statistically speaking, that is A […]

3 Exercises Every Runner Should Do

Runners are traditionally not known to be weight lifters. However, anyone who understands the biomechanics of running knows that running efficiency and speed can be improved with the utilization of resistance training. But before you go to your local fitness centre, pick up some dumbbells and do some bicep curls, read this list of the […]